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Mrs Pretoria and volunteers clean up the city centre

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

“People need to become more involved in their communities if they want to see a change in them,” Mrs Pretoria says.

Newly crowned Mrs Pretoria, Shannon van Biljon (46) kicked off her reign by joining local Dare to Love’s tree planting initiative during a Pretoria central clean-up recently.

Originally from Rietvalleirand Pretoria-East, Van Biljon was crowned Mrs Pretoria 2023 this past November 26 at the annual Mzantzi Pageants competition.

“I believe that people need to become more involved in their communities if they want to see a change in them. Serving brings identity and identity brings purpose,” said Van Biljon.

As mentioned, Dare to Love led the operation in conjunction with the metro which started at the McDonalds on Skinner Street and moved from there to Myrtle Park, to serve the community of Sunnyside.

A Dare to Love community leader stated that Myrtle Park is the fifth (5th) public park in the CBD where volunteers have planted fruit trees this year as part of the Servolution’s aim of creating “a green and safe city by involving local community members to serve together”.

“The open, red hand represents our passion to serve, and it specifically opposes the clenched fist raised in anger that usually accompanies revolutions,” he said.

The red hand refers to the red gloves that Servolution volunteers wear to show their commitment to the cause that they serve.

After the clean-up, Mrs Pretoria says that one of her main plans for the year will to take part in the “Poverty Sucks” campaign, an initiative that is being hosted by Rolemodels Foundation.

“We plan to sell lollipops for R10 to raise funds to alleviate poverty, but I am also busy with other projects,” Van Biljon.

Van Biljon and her husband Marius have been collaborating with Dare to Love for the past two years through Marius online radio station as part of the movement's “Hope drive” initiative.

It has been confirmed that Dare to Love has been meeting with numerous other local radio stations to ensure that “stories of hope” are broadcasted regularly, giving inspiration to the community.

“We focus on the younger generation with feel-good radio consisting of upbeat music and positive news, as we believe that frequency is powerful,” Van Biljon concluded.

Reporter - Joy 4 Africa

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