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Joy4Africa - Our Story

Transforming South Africa & Africa

A movement of Africans solving Africa's problems through creative ideas. We highlight and address important issues that we face as Africans - particularly, South Africans. We believe that we all have a part to play and it is imperative that we take a proactive stance in our communities. The time has come to serve one another and realize that we the people are the answer to the problems we face.

→ Take the baby back.

→ Be the change that you want to see in society.

→ People are the economy. Currency is not the economy. Ideas are the true currency.

→ Our people have been disempowered. We want to empower our people.

→ Ideas become businesses and businesses lead to true job creation.

→ A seed becomes a tree and a tree becomes a forest.




Retlo itirela tsa rena.

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