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Light In A Bottle - Amandla Elanga

While South Africa is enduring load shedding and promises are being made left, right and centre, a small movement, Joy4Africa, is delivering alternative power to the Chris Hani section of an informal settlement in Olievenhoutbosch. A 40-watt light in the shape of a 2-litre plastic cooldrink bottle filled with water and a few millilitres of Jik does the trick.

The first few are provided with a recycled plastic tile to fit the corrugated roof sheets with a round hole the size of a bottle. Future sales of these tiles are left in the hands of the community to develop small business, and installation will extend business opportunities even further. Future developments include a tyre cooker, a solar water boiler and night light.

JOY Released!

HOPE Released!

Vuka Zenzele - Siya Phambili - Sisonke.

Original Article - The Star Newspaper - Click here for published article

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