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Amandla Elanga

Bottle Light - Ukukhanya Kwelanga

The Most Simplest Lighting Solution for our People. Just use our Bottle Light Connector with a 2 Litre plastic bottle and some Jik (Bleach) and then you have FREE Light during the day.

It is yours - Now Vuka Zenzele! Run with it. 

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Amandla Elanga Instructions

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Bottle Light

Amandla Elanga

The Most Simplest Lighting Solution for our People

How to Install?

1) Cut opening in corrugated roof: 152mm wide (centre line of one valley to centre line of 2 valleys on). Also cut 130mm along corrugations.

2) Fit a clear 2 litre bottle through the bottle globe connector opening. If needed, trim the hole slightly wider with a scissor. Seal bottle to connector with PVC Cement (any brand).

3) Add a table spoon of Jik (bleach) into the bottle and fill with water. Secure cap tightly.

4) Place the Bottle Light into the hole of the corrugated roof that you cut. When placed in the hole, tape the edges of the Bottle Light onto the roof sheeting with waterproofing aluminium tape: sealing properly.

5) Enjoy free daylight inside!

Why not start your own installation business?

For instruction leaflet, Click here.


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