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17 Year Old Disabled Artist Stuns with his Ability to Create Art with his Mouth

Lucas Mapheto is an amazing young man who, despite having a disability and no formal schooling, is a brilliant artist. Many people have been inspired by his tenacity and commitment.

Often, the biggest thing standing in our way of greatness is ourselves. Stories like Lucas' serve as a reminder that everything is possible if we use the talents that we given and are faithful in the little...

Lucas is a 17-year-old disabled artist who uses his mouth to create amazing artwork. He has never attended school but found an outlet in art despite having very limited mobility. A true inspiration!

“Art is the only thing that helps me keep my mind clear so I don’t overthink about my situation,” he says.

Seeing the young man make incredible art with only his mouth had many taking a minute to stop and think about their own potential. Upon his discovery, many haven taken to social media to commend Lucas on persevering and following his passion despite his limitations.

Have a look at some touching comments that were posted on social media in connection to Lucas and his amazing art:

Tendah Dinotshe said: “Not disabled but living with a disability. Because he’s able to use his mouth to draw or do anything.”

Zama Matoti said: “God bless you mfowethu, a lot of people who have both hands can't do what you do. May God continue to bless you and your work brother man.”

Melenice Jordan said: “Truly a gift from God I respect him for using the gift that our Lord and savior Jesus Christ gave him.”

Matshidiso Menorah Mompati said: “Wow that's great what a talent. May he continue doing this great work, believing in himself and having Faith. This will be pleasing God, and God will increase and elevate him through what he’s doing❤️”

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